Erin Spousta RNErin Spousta is a registered nurse with more than twenty-three years of clinical experience and a love of advancing her knowledge and expertise in any career pursuit.

Erin grew up in San Diego, California, and from as early as ten years of age knew she wanted to be a physician or nurse with a focus in cardiology.  This excitement  began in elementary school when her fifth grade teacher taught the class everything they could possibly understand about the functions of the heart.  She was fascinated!

While attending nursing school, Erin worked with Dr. Richard Schatz and Dr. Paul Tierstein at Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation/Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla, California, assisting with clinical research trials which played a critical role in the advancement of the therapies used in Interventional Cardiology today.  Two of the most exciting treatments that she worked on were the first intracoronary stents for blocked cardiac vessels and intracoronary gamma radiation for recurrent
re-narrowing of coronary vessels.

After her graduation from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, Erin advanced her knowledge and excelled in Interventional Cardiology and Clinical Research for many years through employment at institutes such as St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital/Texas Heart Institute, University of Denver Health Sciences Center, Denver Veterans Affairs Hospital, Austin Heart, and the Heart Hospital of Austin.

Although Erin’s love of cardiology never faded, she became intrigued by the rapidly advancing field of skin care and aesthetics.   She was beginning to see what the years on the beaches of sunny California had done to her skin, and in her quest to repair her own sun damage, she began expanding her knowledge and changed her career focus to skin care and aesthetics with the intent to educate and help others change their skin care practices.


Erin has advanced her in-depth studies and knowledge of aesthetics by attending numerous advanced training courses focusing on botulinum toxin and dermal filler injections, chemical peels, laser treatments, lymphatic massage and other non-surgical aesthetic techniques.  She maintains her expertise through online webinars, training videos, reading aesthetic medical journals and industry publications, as well as her extensive hands-on experience in the field.  To her, skin care and aesthetics is a constantly changing field and therefore requires continual education on her part to keep up with the industry standards.  Her past experiences in clinical research have instilled in her an insatiable appetite for learning, and she is incessantly researching a new product, procedure, ingredient, or other aesthetic-related information.

Erin has worked with some of Austin’s finest physicians throughout her aesthetic career and has developed a mutual professional respect with them, as well as the clients she has treated.

Erin approaches each of her client’s needs individually and develops a treatment plan to address each of their concerns, whether that be through aggressive in-office procedures, products that the client can use at home, or a combination of both.  She also realizes that achieving those goals can be costly and works with each client to develop a treatment plan that fits within their budget as best she can to work toward their desired result.  This has resulted in a climate of trust and confidence, and many loyal returning clients.