ArqueDerma Austin

ArqueDerma is an innovative non-surgical facial rejuvenation technique for tightening, lifting, and redistributing the volume of aging skin for a renewed, more youthful appearance. Arquederma is not a new dermal filler product; it is an injection technique utilizing safe, proven fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, and Perlane in a revolutionary new way.

As we age, excess facial tissue drops downward over time, creating the effect of lower face laxity, or “jowls,” which can be difficult to treat with conventional dermal fill techniques. With conventional injection methods, dermal fillers create “pools” under the skin in areas of the face or neck that need volume, but this does not address the issue of laxity.

With the patented ArqueDerma technique, practitioners use specialized arced needles to skillfully inject thin columns of filler. These columns support and lift the skin, and redirect the patient’s own tissue to a more youthful position.

Excess facial tissue that has dropped downward over time is actually “propped” back up by the columns of filler. The ArqueDerma technique is effective in lifting the sagging skin along the jawline, on the neck, around the mouth, and along laugh and frown lines.

An additional benefit of the unique ArqueDerma injection method is that the arcing of the needle effectively breaks up some of the older collagen fibers in the treated skin, causing them to be reabsorbed by the body and replaced with new collagen. This renewal of collagen makes the results of the procedure last 4 to 6 months longer than the results of conventional methods.

Check out this video for an outstanding explanation of ArqueDerma: