Fraxel Re:fine*While we offered Fraxel for some time, we have phased it out for Invasix Fractora now because of how effective the Invasix treatments are with more minimal downtime. Please click here to read more.


Fraxel Re:fine laser therapy is a skin resurfacing treatment used to decrease the effects of sun exposure, stress, and fatigue on facial skin by removing old and damaged cells. Fraxel pinpoint technology penetrates beneath the surface of the skin with thousands of microscopic laser beams from a device called an Erbium fractionated laser. The fractionated laser beams affect between 5 and 35 percent of treated skin surface at a time, and leave the surrounding skin cells unaffected, speeding healing of the treated skin by triggering the body’s natural skin repair process.

Fraxel Re:fine treatment creates new, healthy skin cells wherever the treatment is applied, improving the appearance of wrinkled, sun-damaged skin. The process is delicate and can be safely applied even to skin around the eyes, nose, and mouth, and on other parts of the body such as the décolletage or neck. After just one Fraxel Re:fine treatment, the surface of treated skin feels softer and has more even tone and a brighter appearance. Repeated treatments over the course of a few months will bring about progressively noticeable results as deeper layers of skin are affected.

Fraxel Re:fine is the first level of intensity available with fractionated laser technology. Deeper Fraxel treatments are also available, with higher intensity lasers. Fraxel Re:store treats sun damaged skin, melasma, and mild scarring, and can be used anywhere on the body. Bothersome dark pigmented spots on the face, chest, and backs of hands will disappear from any skin type with this laser process. The latest fractionated laser facial rejuvenation treatment, Fraxel Re:pair, is for patients with deep lines, areas of sagging skin, or noticeable scars.