Invasix Fractora FirmFractora Forma and Fractora Plus by Invasix are skin tightening and contouring tools that use heat at a subdermal level to tighten and firm treated tissues. Heat focused on treated areas by the non-ablative Fractora Forma or Plus tip in essence “damages” existing collagen. The body perceives the resulting inflammation, and activates a “clean up crew” of white blood cells and macrophages to heal what it perceives as wounded tissue. The flood of these immune response cells stimulates collagen and elastin production, thickening and firming the treated layers of skin. This increased firmness brings the tissue under the skin in closer to the face and body, creating a contouring effect.

The Fractora Forma applicator has two central rows of positive electrodes and two negative electrodes on a side rail. Radio frequency (RF) energy flows from positive to negative electrodes, which creates an array of heat energy in the layers of tissue being treated. As the external applicator is moved in contact with skin surface, the subdermal level of tissue is heated for the collagen remodeling and skin tightening effect. The Firm tool can be used to treat sagging skin on the entire face, or can be used to target loose skin in particular trouble spots such as the forehead, eyelids, crow’s feet, laugh lines, jowls or neck.

Invasix Fractora Plus is a larger version of the Fractora Forma hand piece, for use on other areas of the body such as upper arms (bat wings), lower abdomen, and buttocks. Fractora Plus will tighten the tissues in treated areas, creating a smoother appearance as well as improvement in definition.

Check out this video of what many simply call the Fractora face-lift:

An upcoming treatment called BodyFX body contouring will also use similar radio frequency technology along with a vacuum process for permanent removal of unwanted fat cells.

BodyFX is now FDA approved and is currently available in the United States!

A key aspect to BodyFX is the fact there is no downtime from the procedure. There is no discomfort, it is non-invasive, and way more effective and long-lasting than other laser-based techniques available on the market. Once again, BodyFX is the only treatment out there that actually destroys fat cells as opposed to just shrinking them.

BodyFX on the Rachael Ray show

Formerly known as TiteFX: