Austin Invasix Fractora

Invasix Fractora is a minimally ablative, fractional radio-frequency skin rejuvenation treatment, which can be applied for restoration of noticeably damaged skin, or to slow the visible effects of aging. The technology used by Fractora delivers radio frequency (RF) energy to a targeted area of skin through an array of miniscule pins. The pinpoints create micro-lesions in the surface of the skin, while the RF energy delivered through the pins generates a gentle heat in the sub-dermal tissue. This heat promotes faster collagen restructuring of the affected skin, causing a softer and more radiant appearance in treated areas. Fractora treatments improve symptoms of aging skin, such as fine wrinkles, deep furrows, uneven texture, visible blood vessels, and irregular pigmentation.

The fractional technology used by Invasix Fractory creates skin resurfacing action at methodically scattered pinpoints, while the untreated skin in between the pinpoint lesions help to speed the healing and rejuvenation process. This allows for a much shorter healing period than would be possible with a full ablation skin rejuvenation therapy.

Fractora treatments are most often applied to reduce loose skin, wrinkles and discolorations on the upper and lower eyelid, on laugh lines, between brows, and on the forehead, mouth, and neck. The combination of the ablative effect at the surface of the skin with the tightening non-ablative effects in deeper dermal layers makes the procedure highly effective at both wrinkle reduction and tightening at treated areas, which can reduce the appearance of sagging skin as well as improve surface texture.